As much as you might love it, and as good quality as it may have been, there comes a time when you just have to let go of a piece of furniture.

Maybe it’s the chair that wobbles beyond what could possibly be considered safe, or the sofa that smells weird no matter how hard you clean it. Sometimes, it’s just time.

But if you’re one of those people who hates throwing something out when it still might be useful in some way, then you need to check this out.

Use Old Furniture for your garden

Just because something doesn’t work inside your house anymore, that’s no reason not to give it a chance outside. There are many benefits to using old furniture in the garden.

For one, you don’t have to buy planters. For another, they can help create a tiered look that’s not only lovely, but can help optimize space in a small yard. And third: they’re so cute!

The amazing thing is that with a little craftiness, almost anything you can think of can become a new home for your plants. We’ve seen it done with such unlikely items as old tires and troll dolls, so nothing should come as a surprise.

improve your garden with old furniture

Check out some of the things people have created for their gardens and get inspired to start a new project this spring!

For a really striking centerpiece to a backyard, fill in an old, damaged piano with flowers to bring some life into it again.

old future in your garden

This recycling project takes the term “flower bed” quite literally.

And in case you wanted to actually lie down in your garden bed, this one opted for hardy grass rather than delicate flowers.

And so are toilets, if your sense of decor and humor are, uh, a little different.

And models with multiple layers and shelves can hold a number of plants, as well as gardening tools and decorations.

Even upholstered furniture can work for these outdoor planters, but don’t expect the fabric to hold up too well. But if you like the shabby-chic look, this is for you!

And if you’re looking to grow plants on something rather than in them, an old screen door can become a great trellis with the addition of a little chicken wire.

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