Creating a beautiful haven in your backyard is more than simply a luxury; it's a way of life. An outdoor living area can serve as the center of your house in Chandler, Arizona, which is known for its stunning sunsets and comfortable temperatures all year long. Enticing outdoor living space may change the way you live and engage with nature, whether you're looking forward to hosting barbecues, creating a peaceful spot to enjoy your morning coffee, or just giving your kids a place to enjoy the great outdoors.

But where to begin? This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the path for Chandler residents eager to turn their outdoor living dreams into reality. From understanding the nuances of Chandler's unique desert climate to selecting the perfect indigenous plants, we'll walk through every important decision you need to consider. We'll also discuss practical aspects such as assessing your available space, choosing the right materials, and determining when to seek the help of professionals.

You'll have all the information you need to start on this exciting remodeling adventure by the time you finish reading this article. Without further ado, let's get started on designing the Chandler outdoor living space of your dreams!

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Understanding Chandler's Climate and Landscape

To design an outdoor living space that is both beautiful and sustainable, it's crucial to first understand the unique climate and landscape characteristics of Chandler, Arizona. Your design will benefit from this information in numerous ways, from the choice of building materials to the selection of plants.

Chandler, which is located in the Sonoran Desert, is known for its hot desert environment, which features long, scorching summers and brief, mild winters. Summer temperatures can soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter months usually bring cooler weather with an average low of around 40 degrees. The majority of precipitation falls in the city during the monsoon season, which normally lasts from June through September. The city sees little rainfall overall.

Chandler's landscape is a picturesque blend of rugged desert and urban greenery. The native vegetation is primarily desert flora, including various types of cacti, yucca, and palo verde trees, all of which are well-adapted to survive the region's arid conditions. However, over the years, Chandler has embraced a balance between its desert roots and a more lush aesthetic, with well-irrigated lawns and non-native trees making an appearance in many residential areas.

Understanding this climate and landscape is pivotal in creating an outdoor living space. Materials and plants chosen should be able to withstand the heat of Chandler's summers and its dry climate. Moreover, being conscious of water usage and selecting drought-tolerant plants can contribute to a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly outdoor space.

In the upcoming sections, we will delve deeper into how these factors will guide your choices as you design your dream outdoor living space in Chandler. From the materials that can weather Chandler's heat to the flora that will thrive in your backyard, you're on your way to creating an outdoor oasis that is in harmony with its surroundings.

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Assessing Your Space

It's important to begin with a clear grasp of the space you have to work with before becoming lost in the fascinating world of outdoor furniture and landscape design. When evaluating your outdoor space, it's important to take into account its special qualities, difficulties, and potential.

Begin by noting the dimensions of your space and marking out the boundaries of your property. Consider all physical features that could impact your outdoor living space's design. These may include existing structures like a pool or shed, trees and shrubs, the slope of the land, views, and even the direction of sunlight throughout the day. A detailed sketch or a scaled blueprint of your backyard can be immensely helpful during this stage.

Think about how useful your place is. Do you have kids who require a secure playground? Do you frequently organize huge events that call for plenty of seating and a designated dining area? What is the flow of traffic in your area like, and how can you design your outdoor living area to make it easier for people to move around? Knowing what you require will guarantee that your design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Make note of any prospective difficulties as well. Limited space, privacy concerns brought on by close proximity to neighbors, excessive noise from a neighboring street, or unsuitable soil for growing are a few examples. Each of these difficulties must be taken into account in your design, and in some situations, they might even determine how your outdoor living area is organized.

While it may seem like there's a lot to consider, remember that each outdoor space, with its unique combination of features and challenges, holds its own potential for a beautiful and practical outdoor living area. With a thorough assessment of your space, you're one step closer to envisioning your dream outdoor oasis in Chandler. In the next section, we will explore how to translate this understanding into a vision that reflects your unique lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

outdoor living space in chandler guide in creating dream space

Identifying Your Vision

Once you have a firm grasp on the space available and its characteristics, it's time to visualize your ideal outdoor living space. This step is all about personal preferences, your lifestyle, and how you plan to use the space. Identifying your vision is crucial in ensuring your outdoor living space reflects your personality and meets your needs.

Start by pondering over your lifestyle and how the outdoor space could enhance it. If you are a social butterfly who loves hosting gatherings, perhaps an outdoor kitchen or a spacious dining area would be beneficial. If tranquility is what you seek, a serene garden with a water feature or a cozy reading nook may be your ideal space. Families with children might consider play areas or spaces for outdoor games.

Once you've thought about functionality, let your aesthetic preferences take the lead. Do you prefer modern, sleek lines, or are you drawn to a rustic, natural feel? Maybe you're enamored with the vibrant colors and textures of a bohemian aesthetic, or perhaps you're drawn to the minimalist Zen style. Browse home design websites, magazines, or social media for inspiration. You might even create a mood board, either digitally or with physical cut-outs, to compile colors, textures, and items you are drawn to.

Remember, it's your space. It should feel like an extension of your home and lifestyle, bringing you joy and comfort. While you might draw inspiration from various sources, at the end of the day, the space should be uniquely yours.

Throughout this process, keep Chandler's climate and landscape in mind. Ensure your vision aligns with the local environment for a seamless blend between nature and living space. The most successful outdoor spaces respect and work with the local climate and flora, rather than against it.

With a clear vision in hand, you are ready to move onto the exciting stage of planning your outdoor living space. In the next section, we'll discuss how to take your vision from concept to a concrete plan. It's time to see your dream outdoor living space take shape!

Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

Turning your outdoor living dream into reality requires careful planning. This stage of the process transforms your vision into a feasible blueprint, ensuring all elements harmoniously come together in a layout that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Start by mapping out the zones of your outdoor living space. This could include a dining area, lounging area, cooking area, children's play zone, gardening area, or even a meditative space. Each zone should have a clear purpose and ample space for its intended use. Remember, even in a smaller backyard, clever design techniques can create distinct areas without making the space feel crowded.

Consider the relationship between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Ideally, these two should flow seamlessly into each other, with your outdoor living space feeling like an extension of your home. Consider the proximity of your outdoor cooking or dining area to your indoor kitchen, and think about the views of the outdoor space from inside your home.

Traffic flow is another key consideration. Paths should be clear and wide enough to move comfortably from one area to another. This is particularly important if you plan to host gatherings. Consider how your guests will move between the outdoor dining, lounging, and cooking areas.

Think about storage in your plan as well. Outdoor furniture, cooking equipment, and toys for the kids need to be stored in a place that's convenient but unobtrusive.

Finally, remember to keep Chandler's climate in mind. Position areas such as dining and lounging spaces in spots that will stay comfortable throughout the day. Consider elements like shade structures to protect from the Arizona sun, especially in summer, and possibly a fire pit for cooler winter evenings.

With a solid plan, you're well on your way to creating an outdoor space that not only looks beautiful but is tailored to your needs. Up next, we'll explore the importance of choosing the right materials for your dream outdoor living space in Chandler.

Choosing the Right Materials

Choosing the right materials for your outdoor living space is a critical decision. The materials should not only align with your aesthetic vision but also withstand Chandler's desert climate, ensuring your space is both beautiful and durable.

Decking and Patio Materials: Depending on your design, you might be considering a deck or patio as a foundational element of your outdoor living space. Wood can create a warm, inviting look but remember, it requires regular maintenance and may not fare as well in Chandler's intense summer heat. Composite decking is a lower-maintenance alternative that can mimic the look of real wood. For patios, concrete is durable and versatile, allowing a variety of finishes, while natural stone offers an attractive and long-lasting, albeit more expensive, option.

Outdoor Furniture: When choosing outdoor furniture, consider durability, comfort, and style. Metal furniture, such as wrought iron or aluminum, can withstand high temperatures and is typically durable. However, they can become hot to the touch in the Arizona sun, so consider their placement or add cushions for comfort. Teak and other dense hardwoods are excellent for heat resistance, but they can be expensive. Synthetic resin wicker furniture is a popular choice for its durability, lightweight nature, and lower cost. It can also withstand the elements and is available in various styles.

Shade Structures: Given Chandler's sunny climate, shade structures are a must. Pergolas, gazebos, and shade sails are popular choices and can be made from a variety of materials. Wood brings a natural aesthetic but requires more maintenance. Metal, on the other hand, is more durable but might need heat-resistant paint or shading material overhead.

Outdoor Kitchen Materials: If you're planning an outdoor kitchen, stainless steel is a common choice for appliances due to its resistance to heat and rust. For countertops, granite is a good heat-resistant material, while concrete can be both durable and customizable.

Remember, no matter what materials you choose, quality should be a top consideration. Investing in high-quality materials can save you from costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Choosing the right materials is key to the longevity and aesthetics of your outdoor living space. But don't forget, an outdoor space in Chandler isn't complete without some greenery. In the next section, we'll discuss how to incorporate plants that will thrive in your backyard.

Incorporating Greenery

Incorporating greenery into your outdoor living space is essential for creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. However, Chandler's hot and dry climate necessitates thoughtful plant selection. By choosing native plants or those well-adapted to the desert environment, you can ensure your green space is sustainable, water-efficient, and beautiful year-round.

Native Plants: Native Arizona plants are an excellent choice for an environmentally-friendly garden. They've evolved to thrive in the local climate and provide habitats for local wildlife. Palo Verde trees, for example, can provide a lush canopy for shade, while varieties of Agave and Yucca add architectural interest. Consider adding vibrant color with the Red Bird of Paradise, a hardy plant that attracts hummingbirds.

Cacti and Succulents: Cacti and succulents can bring unique beauty to your landscape and are well-adapted to desert conditions. Saguaro and Barrel cacti are Arizona classics, while succulents like Aloe Vera and Sedum offer a variety of textures and colors.

Grasses and Groundcovers: Native grasses and groundcovers can provide a green backdrop for your outdoor space without requiring a lot of water. Buffalo Grass, for instance, is a native grass that can withstand drought conditions. Creeping Thyme and Trailing Rosemary are groundcovers that can add both visual interest and fragrance to your landscape.

Trees for Shade: Planting trees strategically can provide natural shade and reduce your cooling costs in the summer. Deciduous trees like the Desert Willow not only provide shade but also beautiful flowers. Evergreens like the Arizona Cypress can provide year-round greenery and privacy.

Container Plants: If your space is limited or you want more control over the placement of greenery, consider container gardening. Many plants, including small citrus trees, herbs, and flowers, can thrive in pots.

Remember to consider the water needs of your plants. Incorporate drip irrigation systems or similar water-conserving techniques to maintain your plants without excessive water usage.

Incorporating greenery is the final touch that brings life and a sense of tranquility to your outdoor living space.

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Adding Lighting and Other Accessories

While the primary elements like layout, materials, and greenery form the backbone of your outdoor living space, it's the finishing touches that truly make it your own. Incorporating the right lighting and accessories adds ambiance, enhances functionality, and elevates the overall aesthetic of your oasis.

Lighting: Outdoor lighting serves two purposes - it ensures safety after sundown and creates a magical ambiance. Spotlights can highlight beautiful architectural or natural features, while path lights can guide the way around your space. Consider string lights for a festive feel or lanterns for a softer, more intimate glow. Remember to choose lighting fixtures that are rated for outdoor use to withstand Chandler's climate.

Outdoor Rugs and Cushions: Adding outdoor rugs and cushions can inject color and comfort into your space. They can help define different areas, add texture, and create a cozy atmosphere. Choose fabrics that are designed for outdoor use, resistant to fading from the sun and able to withstand occasional summer rain showers.

Fire Features: A fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can serve as a focal point, providing warmth during cooler months and creating a natural gathering spot. There are many options available, from portable fire pits to built-in fireplaces, to suit your style and budget.

Art and Decor: Outdoor wall art, sculptures, wind chimes, or even a water feature can add personality to your space. Choose pieces that reflect your style and can withstand outdoor conditions.

Outdoor Cooking: If you love cooking and dining al fresco, consider adding a grill, an outdoor kitchen, or even a pizza oven. This could become a highlight of your space, particularly if you enjoy hosting.

Planters and Pots: Decorative planters and pots can add an additional layer of texture and color to your space. Use them to showcase your favorite plants or to grow herbs and vegetables.

Remember, while adding lighting and accessories, keep in mind the overall style you have chosen for your space. Ensure that each element contributes to the cohesive look and feel of your outdoor living space.

In the next and final section, we'll discuss when it might be best to enlist professional help in bringing your dream outdoor living space to life.

Hiring a Contractor vs. DIY

As you bring your dream outdoor living space to life, you may be weighing the options between embarking on a DIY project or hiring a professional contractor. The decision is frequently influenced by the project's complexity, your area of expertise, and how much time and effort you are willing to put forward.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself): DIY can be rewarding and cost-effective. You could feel comfortable taking on the project yourself if it's reasonably straightforward, such as planting a new garden, building a small patio, or installing a fire pit. Seeing your creation come to life can be gratifying.

However, it's crucial to take into account the necessary time, physical labor, and probable learning curve. Larger projects can easily become intimidating, and if something goes wrong, they might ultimately cost more money.

Hiring a Contractor: For more complex projects, like installing an outdoor kitchen, constructing a pergola, or extensive landscaping, hiring a professional contractor could be beneficial. A contractor will have the expertise and resources to execute your vision efficiently, avoiding common pitfalls that might derail a DIY project.

A good contractor will manage the entire process for you, from securing necessary permits to sourcing materials and overseeing construction. They can also foresee and handle any issues that may arise during the project, saving you potential headaches and ensuring the result is up to professional standards.

Remember that it's crucial to be involved whether you decide to DIY or hire a professional. Your vision and your ideal space are here. Regular inspection and communication will guarantee the finished product matches your expectations.

In conclusion, creating your dream outdoor living space in Chandler is a journey that involves understanding your space and local environment, identifying your vision, careful planning, and thoughtful selection of materials and finishing touches. Whether you choose to undertake this project yourself or hire a professional, the result will be a beautiful, personalized outdoor oasis that you can enjoy year-round in Chandler's vibrant climate.


In the journey of creating your dream outdoor living space in Chandler, you've navigated the unique aspects of our local climate and landscape, assessed the potential of your space, identified a vision tailored to your lifestyle, meticulously planned each segment, and infused it with your personality through thoughtful selection of materials, greenery, lighting, and accessories. Whether this has been a DIY endeavor or achieved with the help of professional contractors, your passion and effort have been instrumental in transforming your outdoor space into an oasis that reflects you.

Your new outdoor living space is not just a physical area; it is an extension of your home, a testament to your aesthetic, and a venue for creating lasting memories with friends and family. As you bask in the Arizona sun or unwind under the starlit sky, every element around you resonates with your foresight and creative decisions.

But remember, the completion of this project isn't the end of your outdoor living space journey—it's just the beginning. As seasons change and your preferences evolve, your outdoor space can adapt and grow too. It's a canvas for your creativity and a dynamic part of your home.

From understanding the importance of Chandler's climate to choosing the right materials, and from incorporating greenery to adding the final touches, you have embarked on an exciting, rewarding journey. Enjoy this new sanctuary you've created, cherish the process it took to bring it to life, and look forward to the many serene mornings, fun-filled afternoons, and tranquil evenings you'll spend in your personalized outdoor living space in Chandler.

Important info on the contractor industry: Always make sure you take the appropriate steps to hire the best contractor for your project. Also check to ensure they are using specialized software for the contractor industry.